Aaron Hernandez Documentary

Aaron Hernandez Documentary

Aaron Hernandez Documentary, former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder in suicide in 2017, and he hid a secret.

The two parts of Aaron Hernandez Uncovered, which aired on the Oxygen network on Saturday and Sunday, featured some people close to the former NFL star who revealed that Hernandez was a gay man. They also stated that their struggle with sexual identity can be the source of their violent behavior.

In the movie, Hernandez’s ex-girlfriend, Alisa Anderson, remembers rumors about Hernandez’s interaction with another man while attending the University of Florida. Anderson said Hernandez continues to deny these claims. However, when she contacted him by letter during the 2013 murder trial, he revealed some terrible details about his childhood.

“The letter became more intense at the end of his first rehearsal of the second trial,” Anderson said. “He opened some of the struggles he had experienced as a child, admitting that he was harassed when he was a child, but he never dealt with it.” He added that he believes that this experience has led him to have sexual problems. ”

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The gay public member of Hernandez’s legal team, George Leonles, also recalled some of his private conversations with Hernandez, during which they talked widely about the sex of former NFL stars. “This man is obviously gay,” Lionel said. “[He] admitted, admit that it has brought you tremendous pain.”

Leontire added that he believes that Hernandez’s growth has also made him unacceptable to become gay. “I think it’s also outside of a culture that is so negative for homosexuals, it shows some self-hatred.”

Before Hernandez was sentenced to life imprisonment in April 2015 for murdering Odin Lloyd, he became engaged to Shayanna Jenkins and shared a daughter, Avielle Janelle Hern├índez. After discovering that Hernandez was found in the window of the prison cell in April 2017, Jenkins appeared in Dr. Phil and said he asked Hernandez if the rumor that he was gay was true and assured him. This is not the case “.

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But she pointed out in Aaron Hernandez Uncovered that her boyfriend’s true sensuality still confuses her.



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